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Jim Blair is now treating on Saturdays in the Kenmore Clinic !

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We are in our new Seattle location. 509 Olive Way Suite 618 (Floor 6) Seattle, WA 98101 We look forward to seeing you there ! 206-622-0246  (T) 206-624-0766 (F) Continue Reading

These rules govern how we sit in space, how we move, how we protect ourselves and how we recover from injury and illness. These rules are known as tensegrity. When you injure or strain your low back your muscles, which are an active part of this system, begin to adjust to compensate and protect you.… Continue Reading

Thus, we ought to consider how our form originates. Remarkably, our bodies continuously self-assemble from within. This amazing feat so often admired in embryogenesis never stops throughout our lives. While this system is quite robust, the structural balance can be compromised by imbalanced use or by overwhelming traumatic force. In a healthy, unrestricted system structural… Continue Reading

At Seattle Acupuncture Associates (SAA) we value the quality of communication and collaboration with our patient referral network. As a referring provider to SAA, you can expect consistent communication from the treating acupuncturist. At a patient’s first visit it is helpful to have the last contact note and any imaging reports available. After our first… Continue Reading