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Generally, tendonitis will develop when the stresses on a tendon overwhelm the body’s repair mechanisms. This may occur in a poorly designed exercise regimen with inadequate rest periods or inappropriate conditioning for the physical challenges of an activity. Any activity performed frequently with poor body mechanics will place stress on some structural weak link—often a tendon. Acupuncture can help manage the pain of tendonitis while decreasing inflammation of the tendon. More importantly, acupuncture can be used for targeted muscle cueing (or inhibition), with the goal of reinforcing or retraining proper body mechanics through motor recruitment patterns. This will address the root cause of the inflammation and pain.

An effective tool in all forms of tendinitis, acupuncture reduces inflammation and eases movement restrictions allowing for a smoother, easier recovery. Often coordinated early on with nonsteroidal antiinflammatory medication recovery is accelerated allowing for a sooner withdrawal from the medication without rebound. In lighter cases where overuse through work is not a factor acupuncture alone is sufficient.