Seattle Acupuncture Associates

We are located inside of Lake Washington Physical Therapy in Kenmore.

Located in Kirland, Washington, we bring the finest, quality acupuncture to the Eastside. Acupuncture points have been “mapped” out by the Chinese for about 2,000 years.  This treatment is used to promote health and treat organic or functional disorders. We are dedicated in helping you regain and maintain your health. Our Services cover a wide range of… Continue Reading

Acupuncture in Renton helps move energy in the body to bring it into balance. The World Health Organization recognizes over 200 disorders for which patients can receive benefits from acupuncture. When illness or injury brings you through our doors, you will find great comfort in our healing environment. Continue Reading

Find acupuncture in Seattle with easy downtown Seattle access. Our acupuncturist are trained medical professionals with an advance degree in the art and science of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are committed to helping you achieve greater health and wellness with acupuncture. We are located down the street from Pacific Place, within the Medical Dental Building… Continue Reading